The Funerals Market Investigation Order 2021 requires funeral directors to display specific information about their business, to allow customers to choose a funeral director based on criteria which may influence their choice.

Branch Names

Caerphilly Funeral Services
Church Village Funeral Services
Country House Celebrations
CFS Direct Funerals

Deposit amounts are required for the following:

Attended Cremation: £750 minimum
Unattended Cremation: Account to be settled in full
Attended Burial: £750 minimum
Unattended Burial: Account to be settled in full

Please take a look at our payment terms below which show the time by which the deposit and final balance must be paid

Deposit paid by: One week prior to the funeral date for an attended funeral. Prior to us booking an unattended funeral
Final balance due: 28 days after the date of the funeral service

Credit, Payment Options and Interest

We do not provide any credit or finance options.

Charges For Late Payment

Deposit: We reserve the right to cancel a funeral if a deposit is not received by the due date and to charge you for all services that we have already arranged.
Final balance: Statutory interest at 4% above bank base rate.

Additional Payment Terms

Where there is a higher than average level of disbursements we reserve the right to require the additional disbursements (eg horse drawn hearse hire, cemetery fees over £1500 etc) to be paid in full seven clear days prior to the funeral service.

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