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*Our package prices include a furnished and dressed plain oak veneer coffin (Maximum size of 6’4” long by 24” wide) fitted with brass coloured plastic handles. The following options are also available.

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CMA Funeral

Flower Power , Church Village, 01443 208858

Flower Power work closely with the funeral directors at Church Village Funeral Services to provide families with a unique range of floral arrangements as part of the funeral for you their loved one. Please take a look through some of their recent floral arrangements below and send your details below if you would like to make an enquiry.You can also speak with one of our funeral directors if you would like us to provide a floral arrangement as part of the funeral services we are providing.

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    Address:1 Duffryn Terrace
    Main Road
    Church Village
    CF38 1PYTelephone: 01443 208858