Here at Caerphilly Funeral Services, we can cater to all of your funeral planning needs. We can also help by providing funeral music that is requested. For more information on funeral songs, enquire today using a contact form on our website or alternatively, please contact us on 029 2086 2100.A song is an incredible way to show an insight into the life of a loved one that has recently passed away. The passing away of a loved one is a difficult time for everyone involved so selecting a song that celebrates there life is very important. When planning the funeral it is important to not only select the right song but also the correct funeral plan.

Traditional Funeral Songs

“Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli – Time to Say Goodbye”

Whilst this being a classic and traditional song it is definitely beautiful to listen to whatever the taste of music of the loved one who has passed. This song is fit for funerals of both males and females whatever the age. The song is sung in Italian and is a beautiful song

“The Lord is my shepherd”

This hymn is another great example of religious music which is perfect for funerals. This is a hymn that can be used for any funeral, the lyrics can help some find closure to the passing of a loved one. This is a very positive and uplifting song and perfect for the end of the funeral or wherever it is found fit when planning the funeral.

“Amazing Grace”

This hymn is great for any part of the funeral as it is a positive hymn. This hymn has the meaning of finding peace after death and can help listeners deal with the grief followed by the passing of a loved one.
Classical Songs For Funerals

“The Lark Ascending”

This classic piece of music features one of the most beautiful violin parts known to classical music today. This piece of music is perfect for the funeral of a classical music lover. The song is based on the rise and fall of a birds flight meaning the song is equally fit for the funeral of someone who loved nature. These are only suggestions this song may fit many situations.

“Adagio Lamentoso by Tchaikovsky”

This classical song was performed 9 days before the death of Tchaikovsky’s death. It is seen as the last farewell to the word from Tchaikovsky. The song is beautiful and is fit for the purpose of a funeral. The song is also very long so would work well for the entrance/ exit of the funeral.
Finally a Contemporary Selection

“Ed Sheeran – Supermarket Flowers”

Ed Sheeran has a lovely tone of voice which is soft and gentle perfect for the ending of a funeral. The song has a very positive happy feel to but It has a deep meaning behind it as ed Sheeran himself said in an interview that it was his most special song on the album. The song has a beautiful piano melody and is definitely fit for a contemporary funeral in comparison to a more traditional selection.

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