Our fees section will provide you with more detail and an estimate. However like most services the cost increases depending upon how much you want to build into the funeral.We have a range of lower cost options (including the two funeral options required by law under the CMA Funeral Services Order 2021). These lower cost options cover the essentials and a service taking place at less busier times of the day and week. All services will be arranged to our usual high standards of care and professionalism but there is less choice of dates, times and we do not provide any extra services to enable us to keep the costs lower for you.

Our standard fee option covers our full professional fee for more flexibility, mor of our time devoted to you and the option for a service sperate to the cremation or burial ceremony (such as a church service or memorial service).

As a rough guide, a funeral with us will cost between £1450 and funeral accounts rarely exceed £5000 even with grave purchases and lots of extra services.

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