Why Pre-Plan Your Funeral

Arranging a funeral is probably one of the most stressful things that a person will have to do. We get that!Pre-planning a funeral in advance offers multiple advantages.

  • You are not rushed into making decisions that you may later regret
  • You have time to research options, and prices, to check if the wishes are possible, how much they will cost, and that they are recorded in case they are forgotten when the time comes.
  • The peace of mind that the actual funeral wishes are those of the person whose funeral it is and not the wishes of the person making the arrangements at the time of death.
  • You will know the total cost so that it can be budgeted for. There are many advertisements that suggest that funerals cost thousands of pounds more than they do! Equally, many people do not know the cost of a funeral and assume that a life assurance policy will cover it all.

We offer a no-obligation consultation followed by a written costing for the funeral service discussed.

Paying For The Pre-Planned Funeral

We only work with funeral plan providers who are registered with the FPA (Funeral Planning Authority). This ensures that all money that you have paid towards the future funeral is safe and secure.There are two options for paying for a future funeral.

Trust Based Funeral Plan

  • We set up a trust for you into which you pay money towards the future funeral.
  • You can pay in one payment, no-cost instalments over 12 months, or a set amount over an agreed number of months. You can freeze payments or cash-in your trust-based plan at any time.

Fixed Monthly Payments

  • You pay a fixed amount each month that is dependant upon your age when you take put the plan.
  • The payment is fixed and does not increase.
  • You make the payment each month until your 90th birthday or until your death whichever comes first.
  • Your funeral is fully paid is you pass away after making 12 payments.
  • Unlike a life-assurance policy which is for a financial value which usually doesn’t increase leaving a potential financial shortfall when the death occurs

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