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Until the 21st century, weddings and funerals followed the same format with the church heavily involved. Weddings have changed profusely with registry office variants progressing to bespoke celebrations in a licenced venue of choice.We offer this modern, bespoke, flexible, high-quality option for funerals that are intended to be a life celebration and not bound by a time-limited slot at church or the crematorium.

Celebrations that we have arranged have all been different. They have been a traditional service, but in a country house setting, followed by the committal in the cemetery/crematorium/natural burial ground, through to a celebration with coffee on arrival, followed by the life celebration service then into the reception (the benefit is that everything takes place in one location and eliminates the stress of travelling). The committal can then either be left to us to attend or be arranged for a different day for a private committal, or even have the life celebration with no coffin at all, just a photograph or urn or visuals).

As each ceremony is so unique it is difficult to provide an estimate without a consultation. However, the total cost is not prohibitive when considering the separate costs of a service plus the committal plus a wake for a traditional funeral option.

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