Our Volvo hearses provide the dignified ceremonial standard transport for the coffin on the day of the service.They were built either in Sweden, or in the UK on the Swedish built Volvo chassis-cowl. They provide a large area for safely transporting the coffin surrounded by large glass windows.There is also space for displaying floral tributes and/or photographs as desired.

Service & Maintenance

Costing over £100,000 per vehicle new, all our Volvo fleet are serviced and maintained to the highest standards, with no costs spared, by Volvo Swansea.Every vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and valeted inside and out each day and sanitised before and after each funeral service.


These Swedish built Volvos are probably the most spacious limousines available.They feature all the latest safety options and as factory-built limousines are fully type-approved to the highest standards unlike many cut and stretch saloon car derivatives.

The Mercedes Benz Vito

With modern cars being more aero-dynamic, many people find access into cars more limited.In response to this we introduced our first brand-new luxury Vito to our fleet in March 2021.The Vito offers higher doors, which are electrically operated sliding doors for wider access, along with higher headroom. Fitted with passenger compartment air-conditioning and darkened privacy glass, the Vito alternative offers another comfortable option alongside our traditional Volvo limousines.

We proudly own a fleet of Volvo specialist funeral vehicles.

Every vehicle within our fleet is maintained to the highest of standards, you and your family will be taken to and from the funeral service in a calm and relaxing manner.By hiring our specialist funeral vehicles you will have the total peace of mind that the service will flow from start to finish with minimal delays, exactly as the funeral service should.

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